Balaji Oil

About Balaji Oil Mills

It was then early 1940’s my father started producing Groundnut oil by wooden CHEKKU. The CHEKKU was then run by dual bullocks. Because of his ability and sincerity in business he sold Groundnut oil in Salem district local itself. The people believed his products because of PURITY & ORIGINALITY. Then he left us. From then my mother was doing business in Groundnut oil. Then when I left High School I joined in Oil Mongers Society as an executive for producing Groundnut oil. At 1960 I left the oil business field and joined Indian Air Force I served for 15 years there. Then I came out and joined with my family and started Groundnut oil production and Marketing.

In 1975 started business under the name of M/s. R. S. Balasubramanian. Then we with our family members opened new oil mill and were producing Groundnut oil by expeller and selling Groundnut oil to all over India (i.e.) Madras, Bombay, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and so on. We supplied our oil with purity and originality.

We have been divided by our family. Then 1995 we opened new oil mill under the name of BALAJI OIL MILLS with my sons B. Ravikumar B.Sc and B. Anand.B.B.A.,then I and my sons purchased groundnut seeds at various committees such as Tindivanam, Virudhachalam, Gingee, Arni, Cheyyar,Tirukoilur Thiruvannamalai. We purchase only selected oil seeds for better quality. We are running the mill with Modern oil Expeller. The expeller is attached with modern equipments such as separator for removing stones and mud and conveyor for G.N .Cake and elevator for Seeds. GROUNDNUT OIL is produced for its PURITY & ORIGINALITY. It is virgin oil. No chemicals added. It is NATURAL AND PURE. We sell Groundnut oil under the name of Balaji Brand.

The groundnut oil cake produced by us is purest form of Groundnut Kernel used for feeds of cows and cattle .

Nowadays the production of Groundnut seeds are reduced for the public availability. Then we started Balaji Sunflower oil for human needs and purchased sunflower oil from various modern refineries .They are mass importers of Raw oil and producer of high quality sunflower oil. We purchase and market them in our Brand Sun Balaji.

In order to fulfill the demand of common people we purchase R.B.D. PALMOLEIN OIL from Importers at Chennai. They import Palmolien oil from Malaysia and Indonesia. We purchase and market them in the name of Balaji brand.

Till today we Balaji Brand Oils maintain Quality, Originality and Purity and we supply to public of Salem. We are Standard, Sincere in fulfilling our negotiation.

A unit of a Ex-Airman.